What signing can do for your child


Early Communication

Children develop the gross motor skills to sign between 7 and 9 months; the fine motor skills for talking develop at 12 months or later. Signs help children learn spoken words faster and allow parents to better understand children’s early words.


Reduce Frustration

By allowing children to request something. From MILK to BALL or even MEDICINE, your child can tell you what he wants before he can speak.


Facilitate Conversation

At a very young age, children can initiate conversations about the MOON, a DINOSAUR in a book or anything of interest and can respond to caregiver’s questions using signs.



Signing children are less frustrated, allowing more opportunities for fun, meaningful interactions that benefit their social-emotional development as well.

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It gave our daughter the confidence and ability to communicate early, which fostered her desire to learn more.

- Heather P.

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